Featured Projects

SKC Law Firm

SKC law firm office was one of our team’s recent completed projects. It boasts 167m2 office space with industrial-luxury design combination. SKC Combining cool materials with warmth of cosy wooden highlights, this office is another proud project well delivered by the team.


Collaborating with one of the best design house in Indonesia, this project is a milestone for us as our first banking lounge project. Greater Group Jakarta crafted a challenging design to deliver. With interesting material choices, including synthetic leather wraps on wall panels, this project has been a rewarding experience for our team. We are proud to pull thru the difficulties during pandemic and deliver the project to the finish line.


The alcohol display corner boasts a thoughtful, compliant design with curated furniture, lighting, and materials. It offers versatile storage for various bottle sizes and includes branding, signage, and safety features. After real-world adjustments, it effectively mirrors the establishment's identity, enticing guests and ensuring longevity through regular maintenance.


Co-Working space project with interesting concept and a tight budget to work with. Managed to pull through the project at a designated deadline as one of most memorable project. First Co-Working space we ever made!


One of our most intricate airport displays, designed by a Singaporean firm, presented unique challenges due to its complex textures and rare materials like imported charred-oak veneer and LamChuan HPL. Coordinating with the designers for material approvals was demanding, yet overcoming such challenges is a testament to our team's dedication.

Otto Tratoria

A standout project, Otto Trattoria Italiana showcases a blend of earthy tones and vintage touches. Every detail reflects tradition and heritage. Craftsmanship is evident, from worn leather seats to wooden tables. Diners are transported into Italy's rich cultural past, making each meal more than just sustenance.


Tech company looking for a quick and quirky design & build service for their support office. Our team’s first experience on tech company well executed.

Janji Jiwa

One of most prominent and successful Indonesian owned local coffee chain. Young owners partnering to develop a very youth-oriented modern hang-out place. Simple yet enticing design, interesting choices of materials to fit the whole concept into a very economical budget. Works mostly with HPL (High Pressure Laminates) and modern raw-cement walls coated with clear spray-coating to bring this design concept to live.


One of our proudly presented project management service clientele in recent years. Designed by international branding & design agency based in London, this futuristic and young iconic Bank Danamon new branch represents a new milestone to our project team. Executing very detailed and sophisticated design, our team thrives in delivering best project management service to ensure build quality, work schedule, and design intent are met on ground.

Chung Gi Wa

Located in Gandaria City, South Jakarta, one of the best Korean owned BBQ restaurant was one of our team’s first restaurant done in Indonesia. Customized design by our team, cross-bred by owner’s unique request of using specific wood from a southern region of Java island was an interesting challenge to our design team. Sizzling hot!

Carnival Office Bali

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Bali, our unconventional office design and build project effortlessly marries modern aesthetics with tropical allure. Designed as a dynamic workspace, the office seamlessly incorporates sleek lines and contemporary finishes. Common accents have been replaced with minimalist touches, and vibrant colours now enhance a backdrop of quirky & simple tones. Meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to modern design converge to create an aesthetically pleasing and productivity-enhancing workplace in the heart of Bali's natural beauty.

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