Martin Nugroho
Managing Director
Raymond Halim
Chief Project Manager
Fenny Yolanda
Chief Project Designer

About Us

Avant-garde Interior design & build company. A small team of elites crafted with highly experienced individuals in the industry to take on few select projects.

Interiologic team gives a new dimension in the traditional project management discipline, which brings up an edge to provide our astute clienteles with utmost convenience and transparencies in every projects taken on.

Envisioned in our mission, we gathered some of the best talents to form a team of project managers. With the ability to package and run a project on various scale, our team are proud to offer our service to plan, manage, and deliver a design & build project from A to Z. Providing our clients with greater convenience with our A-Z service, and render them at ease with our detailed planning and project management.


Our team will continue to learn and grow their knowledge and experience in innovative green technologies and processes. We will achieve the environmental goals of our projects. The team have certainly dedicated themselves to making us stronger partners for our clients seeking sustainable solutions for their projects.

We will enhance our culture of sustainability, invest in learning opportunities for our team, expand our green team network across the company, and continue to achieve the evolving green building goals of clients.

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Our Core Values


Why is Logical Design Important?


Material Choice

Material selection doesn't always mean choose for costly or imported materials. Diligently sourcing local alternatives is integral to our design & build process. Making informed decisions early on can lead to both time and budget efficiencies.

Knowledge of Production & Installation Methods

In the design & build blueprint, understanding the production process is pivotal. It not only shapes the design's outcome and timeline but, when overlooked, can lead to complications during installation.

Practical constraints, like site loading bay access, raw material size limits, building standards, regulations, or technological restrictions, can make certain designs unfeasible in reality.

During the design & build process, it's essential to account for these factors. This ensures our clients understand the cost rationale and receive a grounded design & build proposal.


What's the core of efficiency?


At the end of the day, efficiency is about people. Staffing the right people for a project is both an art and a science. It's pivotal to align expertise with challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

Constantly learning and updating our team's material knowledge is fundamental. Staying abreast of the latest technologies, tools, materials, and methods ensures we can offer the best options during project discussions and deliver top-tier design & build solutions to our clients.


What does reliability mean to us?

Professional Mentality

In the realm of interior design, reliability isn't just about timeliness or consistency; it's the bedrock of trust. Trust stems from a mentality rooted in shared goals. It ensures our commitments are more than promises—they're guarantees.

Strong Leadership

Ensuring the team performs at their best level with the right attitude, right mindset, and direction. Having a project lead that is aligned with the client vision is the difference between a mediocre project and a stellar one.

Logical Thinking

Throughout the course of a project, logical thinking drives efficiency by through creative yet realistic design proposals, aesthetic yet cost-efficient designs, and quality builds with quality materials.


Every team member takes ownership of their work. We are craftspeople proud to build something extraordinary. We work hard to ensure design, project management, and budget control are well executed.


All projects have problems. The important thing is how we tackle those problems and find creative solutions given the constraints we face on the ground. Our project managers prevent issues and mitigate risk through meticulous planning.